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What I Learned From NTFM!!!

So what have I learned from New Technology For Marketers (NTFM)?!


Basically the reason I chose NTFM at the beginning of the semester was because it was a continuous assessment module with no final exam (joke!!!).

The honest reason was because even though I have had a private Twitter account since 2011 social media up to this point has never caught my attention to a great deal. As probably one of the last of my generation, growing up I was never one for computer games and up to this day have never played a Playstation or Nintendo etc, growing up football was my life day and night with a ball and my friends were the same which helped.

But at the tender age of 22 I decided to join Twitter, again primarily down to a lot of sports people who I admire I heard were on this. As an avid sports autobiography reader, down to being fascinated by what such people get up to on a daily basis. Twitter was another such avenue to explore such findings. I must admit Twitter is my favorite social network, even though now I am also on Facebook and other social media sites, the reason I prefer Twitter is because it has a more personal touch. Its not full of share this share that, like this like that, pages in particular sports stars and celebrities being run by their management with fickle content. On the other hand Twitter is just people and their thoughts and opinions. It gives great insight into peoples thoughts on various topics through the hash-tag  and again fickle and promotional content is not getting shoved in your face every time you scroll.

So getting back to my point the reason I chose NTFM was basically because up to November 2012 (when I joined Facebook) Twitter was the only social media I was joined too, doing a marketing degree in a marketing environment and wanting to work in the marketing world I needed to learn more about other social network sites, and I needed to learn fast.

NTFM gave me a terrific opportunity to learn about the various social medias, some again I have to admit I never heard about. It was great to see that for the first few classes we were shown how to set up and create our own pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc and shown exactly how they work, the modes and themes of each and how to make your page unique different to others. After it got even better we were shown how keep up the content each week, not just any content but content that matters and particularly here on WordPress, it is something that has caught my attention, in a good way. The blog is something I hope to keep on long after NTFM.

So after being social media rookie up to this point, 3 months is a long time so don’t be fooled because now I am a social media expert!;)



For those of you who are unfamiliar wih the concept, basically Twitter is an online social networking service  and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”.

So following up on my blog a few weeks back “Is Facebook taking over our lives?”, this week I want to look at its rival in the social media sphere, Twitter.

#AddictedToTwitter is something that I came across a few weeks back on trending on Twitter and it got me thinking again. Why is Twitter as popular as it is? Why are people starting to lean now towards Twitter over Facebook and what is in store for the Twitter in the future?!

So to start first of all why is Twitter so popular? The main reason that sticks out is obviously the various ways that people can connect to Twitter, as well as desktop Twitter has mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Nokia S40 so people have Twitter in their pockets day and night it is always accessible. There was a 182%  increase in mobile Twitter users between 2010-2011, it cant be  denied that this has had an enormous effect in the growth of Twitter.

So to  the next point, why are people starting to lean more towards Twitter than Facebook? While this may be a bold statement in regards Facebook still lead the way in most statisistic but Twitter is definitely catching up. The first reason users may choose Twitter over Facebook would be because it offers a more personalised service. As i spoke about last week as a Man United fan Facebook will not show me content about rivals or other  teams whereas as with  Twiiter whoever you follow you will always see the content no matter what. Secondly referring back to my last point Twitter is much more mobile user friendly and finally on Facebook we are constantly being bombarded with brands, competitions, like and share pages it is definitely a downfall for us the user an example of this is that 29% of users follow a brand on Twitter, while 58% of users have “liked” a brand on Facebook, but even though it is also starting to creep into Twitter it is much less prominent.

Finally what is in store for the fututre of Twitter? The future looks very bright for Twitter, it has over 140 million users and is growing by the day and sees 340 million tweets per day. On February 3, 2013, Twitter announced that a record 24.1 million tweets were sent the night of Super Bowl XLVII, a staggering figure and i must admit i was a culprit to this glued to my I-Pad while watching the event.

So are we getting addicted to Twitter, personally I find myself checking my timeline much more often than my newsfeeds, am I becoming addicted to Twitter? maybe, but I feel the whole world is on its way. What are your thoughts….Twitter/Facebook????

For those Twitter virgins out there here is a simple and easy way to get your Twitter account up and running.

Happy Tweeting!!

Are we surfing in a filter bubble?!

After watching this video of Eli Pariser this week argue about the ”filter bubble” it got me thinking, are we surfing in a filter bubble?, is it what we want?, and probably most importantly of all do we actually care???


Instead of jumping on Eli’s bandwagon, even though I do agree he makes a very good and interesting case. I wanted to take a look at this from every point of view, my own, the culprits (Google, Facebook, Bing etc.), and also the people this affects the most the everyday internet user.

Starting with myself if I am being honest I was not entirely aware of the concept of the “filter bubble”, but then again was I??? I think maybe self consciously I was well aware, just because I had not put a label on it I was subconsciously aware. Because I like rap music and on my Facebook page when I liked artists such as Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and Eminem, was i surprised to see artists such as Kid Cudi, Drake and Jay-Z show up on as recommended pages on my timeline, I don’t think I was. Similarly because i am a Manchester United fan and when I like the pages of Wayne Rooney, Chicharito and David De Gea, again was I surprised to see the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Robin Van Persie and Nemanja Vidic’s pages being recommended, definitely NOT if anything I expect it. The same goes for Google when I type Manchester into Google content for Manchester United shows up, but again this is what I want not news on our arch rivals Manchester City, ha sorry to all my Man City followers I’m sure the same goes for you!!

Then moving onto the ”culprits”, Facebook, Google, Netflicks and Bing are the most renowned for the ”filter bubble”. They are accused of taking our information such as regular searches, location, type of device, if we are sitting or on the go. They take this various information filter it and use it for us to try to be as helpful as they can for example i simply typed ”restaurants” into Google and here’s what showed up:

 Restaurants Screen Shot
All Cork Restaurants!

Automatically just because of my location Google knows only to show me Cork restaurants. Just like in advertising where businesses are constantly trying to break through the clutter using various aspects, Google do this, they cut through the clutter for you and give you information that is only relevant to you. Of course there is a negative aspect to this that they call the filter bubble where we are almost trapped in this content merry go round where we are thrown the same if not very similar content all the time reflected on the various information that these organisations collect from the above examples.

Moving onto the everyday internet user what do they want? Or what do they prefer?, there is no simple answer to this question because if there is one thing we all know is that everyone is different. There are people out there like a part of myself that are happy to live in the filter bubble, they want to relevant information to them such as the restaurants or information on their own soccer team not their rivals. On the other side there are people such as Eli Pariser who don’t want this and want to be challenged, given something different and same content that is given to everyone not specified. The best resolution to this is have a choice of both, and we do. Sites such as up and coming search engine Duck Duck Go has no filter content and everyone sees the same content when searching and also Twitter is better than Facebook in this regard, whoever you follow you will always see their content even if not relevant to you, nothing is filtered.

So which person are you? Are inside the bubble and happy about that, Are you looking to get out of the bubble and see what else is out there or are you going to be smart and use all the tools available to open your eyes to everything???

Another interesting video that covers internet censorship and more examples of living in a filter bubble!